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World Wide Art Competition 2019!

This year’s topic is: “Our planet Earth”

Our Planet Earth is an amazing and wonderful planet that we inhabit for a time. The Planet Earth.
Compared to the universe a young planet, compared to us humans a very old one.

For us humans, we ourselves are the most important species on Earth, but to other species, the human species is the most dangerous one.  We humans are one species out of probably one trillion species on this planet. (The scientists and mathematicians are still out counting and calculating the numbers, but they mostly agree that we maximum know of only 20% of the existing species.) These numbers include all living beings on this living Earth: land and sea animals, birds, plants, fungi, microbes, bacteria.

It is a fantastic and diverse planet that we must enjoy and protect.

For this art competition, make a poster about the topic “Our planet Earth”

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Express our common humanity.