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World Wide Art Competition 2019!

This topic of the 2019 competition was: “Our planet Earth”

…. and the winners of the World Wide Art competition 2019 are….

First of all we would like to thank ALL participants for the fine contributions. It has been a pleasure to watch all the artful expressions coming from different countries in the world – this year represented by India, Angola, Malawi and Denmark.

Now the participants have voted – the judges have voted.

We are happy to announce the winners of this year’s Worldwide ArtCompetition 2019 with the theme: Our Planet Earth



The comments from the panel of judges:

”The first is a stroke of genius and very strong in the visual language as a poster – you will get the message from far.

 The second is beautiful in the proportions and balance, and the content is very thoroughly thought out and brought out in a near-symbolic, yet also friendly and clear visual language.

The third has brought the understanding of the capitalism as the main destroyer of the earth into a fine picture, well balanced and therefore bringing the message out clearly, although you have to and will benefit from studying it closer, as is also the case with poster 25 and 13.”

The winning posters will now be printed and sent out to all participating projects for all to enjoy.


1st Prize

“Our Planet Earth”, NeTT MEERUT, India

2nd Prize

“We Have Only One Earth”, NeTT DEWAS, India

3rd Prize

“Our Planet Earth”, SAMBHAVANA, India

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See more contributions here

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