Welcome to

World Wide Art Competition 2020!

Dear all participants

Since the COVID-19 is still affecting the lives in every country we have decided to CANCEL this year’s Worldwide Art Competition with the headline To the Richness of Life – the method being paper clip art.

Where it is possible you can make your own national, regional, school or class competition and celebrate your works of art.

There will be no common posters for all this year.

We look forward to coming back to you with a new headline, a new competition as soon as it is possible.


Best wishes

The Worldwide Art Competition


PS. If you in spite of the pandemic situation have worked with the headline you are welcome to send your contribution to info@artcompetition.org – we will post them on the website www.artcompetition.org for all to enjoy.


Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.