Welcome to World Wide Art Competition 2018!

This year’s topic is: “The Natural World and Our Species”

Our world is a unique place, home for billions of species of life forms; plants and animals, with a vast history, first in the oceans and later, some 600 million years ago, on land. Humankind has, in just a fraction of that time span, become a fast-growing species in this Natural World. The human species has brought about the biggest changes to this world, with enormous influence on most other species on Earth.

The idea with this year’s competition is to create posters as artful expressions from paintings or photos or sculptures: Expressions that can be used locally and worldwide to share the joy of this fantastic multifaceted natural world with the millions of species living here.

Thank you for all the competition entries we have received!

Please see them below.

Thank you for the entries of posters for this year’s competition!


Next, the voting process will take place, by the participants and by a jury. Download .pdf for recording votes.


Participants, please submit your votes by June 1, to info@artcompetition.org


The winners will be announced on the 22nd of June.


Please view entries below. Or download .pdf file.

Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.