Welcome to

World Wide Art Competition 2020!

Dear all participants

Because of the situation with COVID-19 affecting the lives in every country we have decided to POSTPONE the deadline for forwarding your contribution of one or two selected posters under the headline To the Richness of Life – the method being PAPER CLIP ART.


We have set a new deadline: 1 October 2020

By this date, we are hopefully back to a more normal situation.

Please use the time until then to experiment with paper creations wherever you are and look forward to get inspired and uplifted when we again are ready to make the final vote later in the year.

Feel free to send in your contribution/s whenever you are ready to info@artcompetition.org.

Best wishes

The Worldwide Art Competition

About this year’s topic: To the Richness of Life

Our Planet is the only one we know of that holds life. Due to the distance to the sun, to the atmosphere, to water, life has developed at this planet. One trillion different living species. What a richness of life!

To us humans the richness of life contains everything from being born, being loved, being able to see, to act, to understand, to experience, to protect and defend, to give and receive, to laugh and to cry, to stick together, to sing and play, to work and create and so much more.

The idea with this year’s competition is to create posters as artful expressions that can be used locally and worldwide to share the joy and understanding of the Richness of Life.

Posters that can encourage experiencing and strengthening the love for life at this our planet. Posters that can inform, appeal and mobilise for the joy of life. and how to care for all of this very precious life that we all share and shape every day.

Or posters that reminds us to live life living and to give back what we take, to care and protect and to enjoy life and change the future for the better for our Planet Earth.

With this theme we share the richness of life and a vision of a better future for the planet and all of us. So, let’s share our visions, wishes, ideas and thoughts with each other through artistic expressions.

Two things are different this year!


All entires need to be in the portrait format (upright) – like the poster on this page.
NOT landscape (lying down).


All entries must be made using the paper clipping method. Like the poster with the mountains and the bus on this page.

Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.