WWAC 2013:

“For a better Future”


The theme of the 2013 competition was “For a better future.

With this theme, we share a vision of a better future for all of us. We know that climate change will be part of our common future no matter which country we come from. We wish for a world with freedom and peace as part of our common future. All in all, we have a lot of visions, wishes, ideas and actions to share with each other through artistic expressions. This year’s competition has three categories, where you can enter contributions:

Visual Arts – such as paintings, drawings, collages, sculpture of any material, strip cartoon or painting in action. The contribution is photographed or filmed for all to see and vote for.

Photo – digital photos, which can be in color or in black and white or any possibility your camera will give you (- and possibilities your computer program handling the photos will give you).

Performance Art – such as drama, dance, singing, mime, acrobatics or martial arts. The performance is filmed for all to see and vote.

The winners and runners-up of the World Wide Art Competition 2013

Category: Visual Art

Winner: DNS Indore, India


Runner up: DRH Lindersvold, Denmark


Category: Photography

Community Development Project, Nalanda, Bihar, India


DNS Tvind, Denmark


Category: Performance Art

Participant: Skolerne i Hellebaek, Denmark

Title: Refugees In Denmark

A film produced by teacher and students in Hellebaek. We describe peoples knowledge about and their ideas about refugees in Denmark. We also try to describe what it is like to be a refugee in our country. In our work we have made use of the fact that one of the students himself is a refugee. We have learned a lot from that.

Participant: Lindersvold, Denmark

Title: Fighting for a better future

Project led in STU classes with one student, Kean, and one assistant teacher, Denis; made to highlight the necessity of discipline, preparation and motivation in order to achieve our goals in the future, that is a state of mind which should be applied to all the people.

Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.