The topic in 2019 is: “Our planet Earth”

Our Planet Earth is an amazing and wonderful planet that we inhabit for a time. The Planet Earth. Compared to the universe a young planet, compared to us humans a very old one.

For us humans, we ourselves are the most important species on Earth, but to other species, the human species is the most dangerous one.  We humans are one species out of probably one trillion species on this planet.

(The scientists and mathematicians are still out counting and calculating the numbers, but they mostly agree that we maximum know of only 20% of the existing species.) These numbers include all living beings on this living Earth: land and sea animals, birds, plants, fungi, microbes, bacteria.

It is a fantastic and diverse planet that we must enjoy and protect.

Here is a list of topics for you to use as inspiration for this year’s art competition:

  • “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed” (Mahatma Gandhi)
  • Symbiotic living – different species living together – supporting each other.
    (Nature is full of symbiotic relationships, such as the honey bee and flower, the clown fish and anemone, your gut and the intestinal bacteria living inside it.)
  • Nature’s beauty – shapes and colors – and diversity.
  • Our pale blue dot – Earth seen from space is blue as 70% is covered by water
  • All kinds of weather – life giving rain – sun as precondition for life
  • Under water beauty and richness
  • Interconnectedness – everything is connected and depending on each other – oceans, forests, deserts, rivers, soil, fungus, plants, animals and humans.
  • Planet Protection – how we humans must act to take good care of the planet, and perhaps even actively protect it against abuse

The idea

The idea with this year’s competition is to create posters as artful expressions from paintings or photos or sculptures. Expressions that can be used locally and worldwide to share the joy of this very special planet with its millions of species:

  • Posters that can encourage to experience and strengthen the love for the planet.
  • Posters that can inform, appeal and mobilize for the joy of – and the fight to take care of this very precious planet with what makes it inhabitable.
  • Posters teaching us humans to give back what we take, to care and protect and to overcome the consequences of Global Warming & Climate Change, and change the future for the better for our Planet Earth.

With this theme, we share a vision of a better future for the planet and for all of us. So, let’s share our visions, wishes, ideas and thoughts with each other through artistic expressions.

Who can participate and what to do

The participants are: students and participants, teachers and other staff at schools and projects of Humana People to People in Africa, Latin America and Asia and associated schools and projects in Europe and the Americas.


What to do at your location?

We suggest that you arrange a local exhibition, where all posters are exhibited.

Arrange an official opening with invited guests, officials, family & friends, teachers, students and staff.

At the opening of the exhibition the participants and guests can vote to find the two best posters.


The format is POSTERS

The idea with the competition is to create artistic posters that can be used locally and worldwide to communicate, connect and deliver a message – a message which you find important.

This year we want all posters to have the same basic format: like an A4 page (or A3, A2) but this year upright, same direction as the ones you can to the right.

You may use all methods; painting, drawing, collage, photo, mixed media (things from nature, metal wire, wood, paint, leaves etc.).

You can enter the competition with two posters.

The winners of the competition are winning the great honor of getting their Poster published as a big poster with their name printed on it.

The winning posters are sent to all participants in the World Wide Art Competition.

In this way, all of the productive units taking part in the competition are rewarded with big posters about important themes. Posters that can be used for decoration, education, agitation, inspiration and actions.


Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.