What makes a good poster?

Here are quotes from several Poster Designers that share with us what they think makes a good poster.

Thank you, posterposter.org for this valuable advice!

Andres Lewis from Canada

“Cultural or social posters in my mind must communicate its message to anyone in any country in almost any language”


Antonia Castro from Texas

“A social poster needs to be alert and engage the viewer in a compelling and provocative fashion. It needs to challenge and call an audience into action. In order to achieve this impact; the social poster ought to be swift and in your face”


Luba Lukova from the USA

“I believe if it’s done well poster design provokes discussion, thinking, emotion. That may not look as enough to transform the world, but that’s how art works; it has the power to change perception and increase empathy”


Pekka Lori from Finland

“It’s purpose is to tell stories and stimulate humans interest. It wants to impact on the viewer’s way of thinking and behaviour. That’s how I see the meaning and purpose of social/ cultural posters.”

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