Song about the
Natural World and Our Species


Open road and open mind and
Open ears and open eyes
Imagine Open Future – and you go

Climbing mountains, diving oceans
Trekking plains and swimming lakes
Enjoy the natural world – and you go

Oh, but pollution destroys it!
How to prevent full extinction?
Live your life living – enjoy it
Love the forest the sky and the sea and
All species – both you and me – and

Bears and ants and toads and beetles
The whales and sharks, the oysters and seagulls
The rhododendron flowers – you just go

Use your senses, and binoculars
Head and hart and magnifying glass
Explore the natural world- and you go

Digging deep and flying high
Sail and bike and join a hike
Experience natural world – and you go

Oh, but our species as masters
Causing such climate disasters!
We must protect and defend this:
All the world with the trillion of lives
Symbiosis will let us survive
All microbes, bacteria, fungus and
Algae, trees, insects and mongoose
And all the vegetables that we can eat…

We must grow and protect…
We must learn and must act…
Understand and defend…
This is not yet the end…..

Listen to the song

by WWAC 2018 | The Natural World and Our Species

Speak to me with your art.
Express our common humanity.